About use


terms of service

It can be used by individuals and corporations without credit notation, commercial use, and usage reporting.

You are free to trim, process, and change the color of the material.

Please note that the copyright has not been waived.

Prohibited matter

Content, activities, or business use that is illegal or offensive to public order and morals
NFT art sales of illustrations, art, and other products using materials
The act of creating an art work based on the material
Production and sales of goods and three-dimensional objects based on materials
Self-made remarks, redistribution (secondary distribution), and sales activities of materials
The act of distributing productions using materials to an unspecified number of people, regardless of whether or not they have been processed or retouched.

This is OK!

・Personal use as backgrounds for icons and header images on personal social media accounts
・Use the material as a pattern for clothing and accessories in the illustration
・Use the material as the background of the illustration

・Sell illustrations, icons, etc. that use the material as a background to specific individuals or target audiences
・Distribute printed materials such as leaflets and DMs using the materials

This is no good!

・Production and sales of goods and three-dimensional objects (smartphone cases, fabrics, accessories, etc.) that use individual materials as they are
・Registering or selling our materials on material sites without permission
・Using or modifying materials to create material collections or free materials
・Distribute illustrations, icons, SNS headers, etc. using the material as a background to an unspecified number of people as free material.
・Create collage art by using materials or cutting out a part

BAR beautiful black blue Cafe Christmas cloud cool cute delivery room event flower food green Halloween Japanese style kitchen music Nature orange pastel purple science fiction/fantasy simple snow stage sweets variety yellow yellow ピンク ブルー ホワイト レッド 場所 街並み